Planning an outdoor wedding can be an exciting yet challenging task. One crucial element to consider is choosing the marquee or tent hire company. With so many options available -whether classic marquees or unique structures such as tipis, stretch tents, timber geodomes – it’s essential to make an informed decision that suits your needs and ensures a successful wedding day. In this blog, we will provide you with valuable tips to help you navigate through the process.


  1. Research, Research, Research!

Before committing to any wedding tent hire company, take the time to do thorough research. Look for reputable companies online, read customer reviews, and browse through their previous work. Pay attention to their experience, who they’ve worked with, the quality of their tents, and the range of services they offer. An extensive research phase will help you shortlist companies that align with your vision, budget, and expectations.


  1. Determine Your Budget:

While it’s essential to be mindful of your budget, remember that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Avoid basing your decision solely on cost. Set a realistic budget and prioritise quality and reliability over a cheaper price. The cheapest option is not always best and may end up compromising the success of your wedding, leading to unexpected issues. We’ve heard some horror stories over the years and worked with couples who have been let down and have unnecessary panic as close as a week before the big day!


  1. Assess Tent Quality and Reliability:

Ensuring the tipi hire or marquee hire company provides superior quality structures is fundamental. Request to see the tents in person or ask for detailed images to gauge their condition. Enquire about the durability, resistance to weather conditions, and backup plans in case of unforeseen circumstances. It’s important to select a company that offers reliable tents to ensure your guests’ comfort and enjoyment throughout the event.
* Extra Tip * – If the tent hire company you’re researching is accredited by MUTA (the UK’s trade association for marquees, tents and structures) this is a VERY good sign. MUTA members sign up to a Code of Practice requiring them to be legal, decent, honest and truthful. They are obliged to provide a professional standard of workmanship, to check all their own work, and to maintain adequate insurance.


  1. Tailored Services and Flexibility:

Every couple has unique preferences and requirements for their wedding day. Look for wedding tent hire companies that offer tailored services and demonstrate some flexibility in meeting your needs. Are they willing to customise the tent layout, lighting, chair options or décor or is it a package that is set in stone? A company that is responsive and adaptable to your specific requests is more likely to deliver a memorable and personalised experience. There’s so much more fun in creating your own event from scratch with a company that supports you in doing this!


  1. Professionalism and Experience:

Experience counts when it comes to marquee or alternative tent hire for weddings. Seek out companies with a proven track record, as they have likely overcome various challenges and can handle any potential issues smoothly. Professionalism and passion is key, so pay attention to their communication skills, responsiveness, and eagerness to understand your vision. A well-established company will have a team of experts who can guide you through the process, offering advice and recommendations based on their experience.


Choosing the right marquee hire company for your outdoor wedding is a decision that should be made carefully, considering various factors. Remember that price alone should not be the determining factor. By researching thoroughly, figuring out what kind of tent you are looking for – whether it’s tipis, a stretch tent, a timber geodome, or a traditional marquee, recognising the importance of quality and reliability, seeking tailored services, and working with experienced professionals, you can find the perfect tent hire company to help create your dream wedding day.


Cheers to a successful and unforgettable celebration of love!

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