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How many people fit in one tipi?
This figure is dependent on what goes on inside the tipi, and which tipi you choose. A Nimbus tent, which is the smallest, can fit a max of 20 people standing. A Cirrus 40 tent can fit up to 40 people, and the stratus, our largest tipi, can fit 70 people stood in there. If you have tables then 50-60 people can go in there. If the sides are all up you can cover about 130 people and seat about 80-90 people in the Stratus 72.

How tall are the tipis?
Our Nimbus, the smallest tent, stands at 3.6M high.
Our Cirrus 40 tent stands at 6.1M high
Our Stratus 72, the largest tent, stands at 7.4M high.

How wide are the tipis?
When closed, the Nimbus is 6.3M (20’8″) diameter.
The Cirrus 40 when closed, is 8.5M (27’11”) diameter.
The Stratus 72 when closed, is 10.3M (33’10”) diameter.

How high is the lifted side?
This is 2.1 metres or 6’11”

Can the tent be built on a slope/uneven ground?
We can come and see the site or you can send us images of the ground. We would like the ground to be as flat as possible but the tents can go on slight slopes. The ideal site is well drained with cut grass. If possible a back up site should be considered.

How much room do you need for the guy ropes?
The tent does not need any additional space once up. We like to have a bit of area around the tent as we need to put it up and that takes a bit more room than the footprint of the fully erect tent.

Can I have doors?
Yes we can put doors in the tent instead of lifting some sides only? Yes you can we have window walls and solid wooden doors that have a lock and create a grand opening for guests.

Can I lift the sides and drop the sides myself during my event?
No, during the build we ask what sides you would like up (as the weather is at that point known) and we put them up for you. we ask you not to move the sides as this is the point at which the canvas can become damaged as its got the most tension at this point.

How long does it take to put the tipis up?
For each ‘peak’ it takes generally 2-3 hours for a Stratus 72.

Are the tipis water proof?
Yes, the tipis are water proof. They have a cap over the smoke hole at the top. If you have the fire on and the smoke hole open then some rain may come it but the canvas is waterproof.

Can the tipis go up in high winds?
We can put the tents up but in low wind times. If the wind picks up during the time they are up they can take winds of 60 mph with our high wind wire stars.

Do you provide catering?
We don’t ourselves but can point you in the direction of others who do. We can provide a catering tent for a caterer to use behind the tipi and bring food in through a side zip door when ready.

Do you have set locations for the tipis to go up?
We don’t have set locations. We will put the tipis up where ever you have permission to put them up. In gardens, parks, recreational areas, concert grounds, indoor venues.

Can the tipis be put up on concrete?
We can put them up on concrete but we would need to drill in to the ground or anchor bolt to the ground. We also have concrete weights designed to sit neatly under the poles of the Tipi, these are very discreet and we also have canvas covers to camouflage them against the tipi.

Can we decorate the tipis?
Yes, of course you can. We ask that nothing is nailed or screwed in to any wood and also nothing attached to the canvas. If you have anything heavy to hang then ask us as there is a limit to the weights that can be hung in the tipi.

What do the tipis come on to get set up?
We use a pick up truck and trailer as the poles for the tipis are 8.25 metres or 27’1” feet long so please let us know if there is tight access. Ideally we want to be able to get as close to the site as possible to minimise time on site to hand the finished tipis over to you as soon as possible.

How long is the hire period?
48 hours is the standard time. We can do less or more – just ask.

Can I adjust my booking?
Yes, of course you can. If you need to change anything then let us know as early as you can to make your event as seamless as possible. If it’s the day before then there may be an issue but if you give us time we can sort things out.

Are the tipis warm?
The tipis are designed so that heat flows up and as more heat is pushed up, the conical shape means that heat lowers closer to the ground quicker than a cube shaped tent. This means that they heat quickly. We have log fires that can be put in the tipis that can help towards keeping your guests warm.

How many tipis can you put together?
In theory the tipis can be attached in a line infinitely, so no matter how grand a scale you wish your event to be, we can help.

Can I purchase a tipi for myself?
Yes, if you get in touch we will get the ball rolling for you. Occasionally there will be used stock available.

What is the flooring in the tipi?
We use a matting called dandy dura that is very durable and tensioned throughout. Its very hard waring and high heels cannot pierce through the weave.

Do I need power?
We provide lighting if you need it and would need a power outlet close to the tent for these, if needed we can look at generators for you for your event which we will source externally with our trusted contacts.