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However you choose to spell it – whether it be “tipi”, “tipee” or “tepee” – you’re not wrong. Ours originate from the Sami people of Scandinavia. We use “Tentipi”; the original and premium manufacturer of large scale event tipis. They have been developing these fantastic tents since 1989 and provide a far superior version than some other suppliers.

With a quality product behind us to provide a top quality service, we’re confident that we are the supplier for you. With well over 500 tipi events behind us – and as one of the original UK suppliers – we really do have the knowledge and know-how.

We have a range of tipis you can use on their own or even joined together, in some cases. The Nimbus works perfectly as a reception drinks area or even as a shelter for a BBQ or hog roast. It could also be used as an eye-catching alternative to your standard gazebo, as a welcome desk or a trade stand to attract potential customers.

Looking for something slightly bigger? Try the Cirrus 40 with a diameter of 8.5m and a height of 5.5m; perfect as a stand-alone structure for a family gathering in your back garden. Its most popular use is a chill-out or bar tent linked to a multiple tipi setup with a crackling fire, some cosy chill-out furniture and our solid oak-top bars inside.

The biggest and most impressive of all our tents is the Stratus 72. With a diameter of 10.3m and standing at over 7m high, it truly is an eye-catching and impressive structure. Perfect for hosting a party of around 60 guests in a single Stratus 72 tipi, or using the unique design of our tipis to join several together to form one large covered area. The same unique design means you can lift the sides, allowing the sun in or taking advantage of a spectacular view. Looking for bigger again? Then why not combine Cirrus and Stratus, or 2 Stratus or 5 Stratus? The possibilities are endless…


Prices include VAT and a 5% damage waiver. Prices exclude delivery costs.

Cirrus 40

Capacity Shown: 24 Seated (informal)
Capacity Max Seated: 35
Capacity Max Standing: 50

2 x Stratus 72

Capacity Shown: 98 Seated
Capacity Max Seated: 120
Capacity Max Standing: 160

A great option for weddings or parties having 80-100 guests with a dance floor and a bar.

2 x Stratus 72, 1 x Cirrus 40

Capacity Shown: 110 Seated
Capacity Max Seated: 150
Capacity Max Standing: 210

A very popular formation for those having 80-100 but want that extra space as a breakout area from the hustle bustle of the main area.

3 x Stratus 72

Capacity Shown: 126 Seated
Capacity Max Seated: 180
Capacity Max Standing: 240

A great option for the larger parties and weddings with 100-130 guests with room for a dancefloor.

3 x Stratus 72, 1 x Cirrus 40

Capacity Shown: 118 Seated (formal) + 24 seated (informal)
Capacity Max Seated: 210
Capacity Max Standing: 290

This is a great choice for 150 guests seated with room for a cosy breakout area with a firepit and bar.

4 x Stratus 72

Capacity Shown: 176 Seated
Capacity Max Seated: 240
Capacity Max Standing: 320

Go all out! You can comfortably get 200 guests in here seated with more in the evening, and also gives you plenty of room for a dancefloor to dance the night away.

This is only a small handful of the options available to you. To see many more options of floorplans, please download our new brochure below.

Want your tent on show in a tricky location, such as a pavement? Not a problem – we always have a way for our tents to go up. We have developed a concrete triangular weighting system so pins do not need to go into the ground. Each weight is a quarter of a ton and has been specially designed to fit under the eves of the tipis, so as not to intrude on the floor space. We also use custom-made canvas covers to hide the weights when inside the tent, so the interior’s aesthetics don’t lose any magic.

We are also able to install stretch tents and domes onto concrete using either IBC systems or concrete weights. So if your event is on hard-standing ground or in a location where pins can’t be used, contact us and we will help find a solution.

Download our new brochure

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