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Our Stretch Tents

We have invested time and money in sourcing the very best quality Stretch tents that are 100% water proof direct from the premium suppliers in South Africa. These structures provide a highly versatile and visual stunning alternative to your standard marquee.

The 3-ply composite material that allows them to stretch while still remaining waterproof, give them their flowing shape, that can be easily adapted to fit into the most challenging of sites, whether it be building it over terraced lawns, walled garden or a cobbled courtyard.

With the vast array of both sizes and colours, allow any style or size of event to be catered for. From a drinks reception for a 18th Birthday party to a VIP area at a festival, from a glamorous catwalk to a high-end product launch.

Event in a tent have also spent time developing a way of connecting both stretch tents and tipis together to form a completely unique structure.

12m X 15m Stretch Tent

Tent – £2608.20
Furniture – £613.62
15’ x 12’ Dance floor
8 x 6’ Round tables

2 x Solid wooden tables
88 x Folding wooden chairs
Total – £3221.82

12m x 15m (One side down)

Tent – £2608.20
Furniture – £784.98
12 x Solid wooden tables
24 x Solid wooden benches

15’ x 12’ Dance floor
5’ Oak topped bar
Total – £3393.18

12m x 15m (Corner down)

Tent – £2608.20
Furniture – £1145.34
21 x Solid wooden tables

42 x Solid wooden benches
3 x Pallet bar
Total – £3753.54

12m X 10.5m Stretch Tent

Tent – £1821.96
Furniture – £548.10
15 x Solid wooden tables

15 x solid wooden benches
Total – £2370.06

8m X 6m Stretch

Tent – £706.86
Furniture – £705.0
2 x 5’ Oak topped bars

9 x Wooden barrels
Total – £1412.46

12m X 10m & 12m X 15m Stretch



12m X 10m & 12m X 15m Stretch

Tents – £4430.16
Furniture – £970.20
15’ x 12’ Dance floor
6’ pallet bar

15 x 6’ Round tables
150 x Folding wooden chairs
Total – £5400.36

3 12m x 15m Stretch

3 Sides down
Dance floor
Luxury chill area

seating for 150

This is only a small hand full of the options available to you. To see many more options of floorplans please download our new brochure below.

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