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Our Dome Tents

The newest tent to join our stock is now available!  We have two different sizes; a 12m diameter suitable for around 80 seated guests, and a 15m diameter dome suitable for approximately 120 seated guests.

The key element that makes our domes superior to those currently available is that they are constructed with a timber frame with a textured polycotton cover so that there is no ugly aluminium frame or PVC to look at.

Developing and designing our domes so that they are both visually stunning and practical has been a long process. The dome is 1/3 transparent window with a high wind loading capacity due to the inherent strength of the structure. They have been designed in accordance with an independent structural engineer to ensure they are capable of withstanding the heavy loads (ie. lights, accessories, etc.). They are designed to be quickly and safely erected.

15m Dome

Dome – £5065.20
Furniture – £696.78
10 x 6’ round tables
2 x Solid wooden tables

15’ x 12’ Dance floor
108 x folding wooden chairs
Total – £5761.98

15m Dome

Dome – £5065.20
Furniture – £982.80
2 x 6’ pallet bar

20 x Solid wooden tables
40 x Solid wooden benches
Total – £6048

15m Dome

Dome – £5065.20
Furniture – £1394.28
20 x Solid wooden tables
40 x Solid wooden benches

21’ x 15’ Dance floor
Large fire pit (ethanol)
8 folding wooden chairs
Total – £6459.48

15m Dome

Dome – £5065.20
Furniture – £ £705.60
2 x Poseur tables
4 x Chesterfield sofas

2 x Coffee tables
1 x Curtain screen
Total – £5770.80

12m Dome

Dome – £3609.90
Furniture – 1077.30
2 x Rattan sofa sets

9 x Poseur tables
3 x 6’ pallet bars
Total – 4687.20

12m Dome

Dome – £3609.90
Furniture – £637.56
7 x 6’ round tables
70 x Folding wooden chairs

15’ x 12’ Dance floor
6’ Pallet bar
Total – £4247.46

12m Dome (Ceremony)

Dome – £3609.90
Furniture – £376.74
106 x Folding wooden chair

Solid wooden table
Wooden lectern
Total – £3986.64

12m Dome Stage

12m Dome Stage – £2850.00
Excludes staging 

Total – £2850.00

15m Dome Stage

15m Dome Stage – £3500.00
Excludes staging 

Total – £3,500.00

This is only a small hand full of the options available to you. To see many more options of floorplans please download our new brochure below.

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