Making the new normal less weird!

Making the new normal less weird!

Making the new normal less weird! 1134 754 Nat

We have a few solutions for you during the pandemic, now lockdown is lifting we’ve created some social distancing floorpans to help people get out and about again and make life a bit more fun, and sociable! Whether you are a pub, a nursery or planning a wedding, this blog can help you make plans.

Outdoor social distancing solutions

Our mission at Event In A Tent has always been to create outdoor solutions for all events but keeping everything fun and interesting. This hasn’t changed, we have been working away creating safe ways for people to socialise, whilst sticking to the new rules of social distancing.

The government guidelines are constantly being updated around the Covid-19 pandemic, and so we have put together some solutions to make parties, weddings and small gatherings possible. Enabling our lovely customers to start making plans for their events.

Calling all pubs and restaurants!

Not only are our tent solutions for family and friends but they can solve a whole host of business solutions too. Pubs, restaurants and schools are all opening up one by one, and with it they all need the extra room to accommodate the 2m rule. We’ve come up with some new floor plans to show you how our tents can be a long term solution while the pandemic continues. Studies have shown that being outdoors and not in an enclosed space, makes you less likely to contract the virus due to better ventilation. Our tents are designed to be used open or closed, so a good airflow is always possible while still protecting you from the elements.

Taking the worry out of going back to school

Schools opening has been one of the main worries for teachers and parents, keeping kids separate is quite a challenge! ‘Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture’, has designed a new social distancing concept where students can return to school and continue studying, while maintaining social distancing. This is done using tents, which is where we can come in. Using tents enables students and teachers to return to school and start a new way of learning, socially distanced learning. Our tents open layouts lessen the risk of infection due to being out in the fresh air. Schools can utilise areas such as playing fields which are perfect for tents and create a safe learning environment.

Tents add a lot of possibilities for business re opening, beer gardens being one we’re all looking forward to! We all feel the need to meet up with people and socialise and a beer garden is such a summer staple. Event In A Tent are offering long term hires available on all tents – the aim is to take the pressure off which is where we can help. Our knowledgable staff can help you choose the right tent for the space, our crew will come and erect the tents while keeping to social distancing rules and then your all set for as long as needed!

Take a look at some of our stretch tents ( these are perfect for creating cover in tricky spaces.

Not forgetting the discounts

We also have some really good discounts on at the moment for long term hire. This takes the pressure off as once the tents are up the extended hire means you can set up inside as you like without the worry of it being taken down too early!

If you need some tips for social distancing in the workplace the government website (below) has the most up to date advice:

Take a look at our social distancing plans, the future is looking much more positive!