Event In A Tent Expands Across The Pond

Matt & Niamh Plan Their Perfect Wedding In A Tipi

Event In A Tent Expands Across The Pond

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It’s been a long, exciting road and now, we are finally here. This adventure started on Buck Mountain in the Adirondacks; there was a sparkly engagement ring, a birthday boy on one knee and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Once Matt and Niamh were engaged, they started planning a wedding to suit their relaxed style. The search for the perfect venue was on; they visited beautiful areas with breathtaking views, secret secluded spots and open meadows. But nothing really reflected them as a couple and the things they loved.

Then they found the tipis. The wedding was so special; it was the talk of the town. And suddenly, requests were coming in from brides and grooms all over the country. Before long, Event In A Tent was born.

Since then, the stunning tipis have created the perfect place to celebrate, party, learn and be wowed. Not only are they the perfect venue for a wedding, but they have also been used for festivals, corporate events and parties. The tents themselves are traditional, authentic Nordic tipis. We import them from Lapland where they are made to the highest standards. The original design was the Sami Kata – a simple, cone-shaped tent made of poles and covered in animal hides; a quick-build shelter which would keep people warm and dry. Our Nordic tipis are based on these traditional Sami Kata tents but using clever construction and technical fabrics.

Our tipis have taken the team to some of the most incredible places. The Swiss Alps by helicopter, tiny undisturbed private islands in the Scottish Hebrides…some of our guests include penguins and even the Royal family.

Event In A Tent started with humble beginnings in a small home office, providing brides and grooms with a special place to celebrate. Now our team helps to organise and deliver all sorts of events such as weddings, parties, some of the biggest music and sporting events in the world, garden parties, brand activations, showrooms and bars…the list is endless.

Drum roll please…

Event In A Tent has steadily grown over the years. We spend a lot of time sourcing and researching to keep everything moving forward; this has lead to us opening a base in America. After numerous lengthy phone calls, visits to the USA, visits to the UK and lots of planning, we are so excited to share our official news with you. 

This is such an exciting time for us. We have come full circle, as the new base is in the beautiful Lake George in New York state – where Matt proposed to Niamh. 

There is history behind the choice of location for our new offices. Fifteen years ago, Niamh lived and worked at Camp Chingachgook, teaching children to kayak, rock climb and lots of other outdoor activities. Niamh’s supervisor was Kenis and now, after fifteen years, we are excited to announce that Kenis has become part of Event In A Tent.

Our location enables us to travel throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states providing spectacular and unique venues. Want to know more? Contact us and start planning your next event.

Kenis and His Wife Join The Event In A Tent US Team