Going The Extra 375 Miles

Stratus Tent Setup For a Remote Event

Going The Extra 375 Miles

Going The Extra 375 Miles 1488 1488 admin

At Event In A Tent, we get to travel all over the country (and sometimes, the world) to set up tents for different events. It’s just one of the perks of the job! And recently, we had the pleasure of travelling to the Isle Of Gigha to set up two Stratus tents for a wedding

As you can imagine, this job was quite an adventure – it’s not often we get the opportunity to visit the most southerly Hebridean Island. So we wanted to give you a sneak peek into the life of an Event In A Tent crew member…

And with that, we were off…

Four of us made the seven and a half hour trip over to Gigha in two vans. Our first interesting experience came in the form of a ferry; as Gigha is such a small island, there is only one ferry to transport people to and fro. So after two trips, our crew, vehicles and tents were all reunited on the right side of the sea. 

After such a long trip, we were hoping and praying that our accommodation would be top notch. Thankfully, we landed on our feet. We stayed at Glenbarr Stores and were very well looked after. Our meals contained plenty of delicious, homemade food, which was a welcome change, given that the usual meal of a crew member is roadside fast food!

On our first day, we were all set to put the tents up, when we received a call to say the venue had changed. Quick as a flash, our team got to work and we journeyed to the new venue of Achamore Gardens.

Measuring at a whopping 54 acres, Achamore Gardens house a stunning rhododendron and camellia collection and were created by Colonel Sir James Horlick (Fun fact: Yes, that’s the same Colonel Horlick who co-invented Horlicks Malted Milk).

In no time, the two tents were ready; all that was needed was for the happy couple to decorate to their liking and set up for the wedding the following day. Living locally to us in Wrexham, the bride and groom had requested that both tipis had a clear window wall panel, which is ideal for deterring wet weather, whilst maintaining a nice, open feel. And, as the British weather can be so unpredictable, a heater was installed to keep guests warm and cosy, no matter what.

With its own micro-climate, Gigha makes the perfect setting for weddings; the land is low-lying meaning the weather is much warmer and drier than you would expect. It was so nice, in fact, that a couple of crew members slept out on the beach.

Upon returning home, it was safe to say that those who stayed behind in Wrexham became a tad jealous after hearing that Gigha was one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever visited.

Planning your next big event?

Don’t be afraid to plan big – we love a challenge! We’ve also ventured over to the Swiss Alps where we helicoptered in a Stratus tent for James Blunt’s music producer. You could say we’re experts at getting tents to tricky places.

Whatever the event, wherever it may be, give us a call or get a quote – we’re always happy to help.

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