From the pulsating energy of the crowd to the electrifying performances on stage, music festivals ignite a sense of euphoria and connection unlike any other experience.

Whilst the stage may be the focal point of the festival, the atmosphere and comfort of the grounds also play a crucial role in shaping the overall enjoyment for festival goers and that is where tent hire companies truly shine.

Creating comfortable spaces

Versatile stretch tents and timber framed dome tents provide shelter from the elements and create comfortable spaces for festival goers to relax, socialise and recharge between performances. From chill-out zones and eating areas to VIP lounges, tent hire companies can customise spaces to suit the festival’s theme and atmosphere, providing sanctuary amidst the excitement.

Enhancing aesthetics

Tents come in various shapes, sizes and designs and can create fabulous focal points – often bringing the theme and vision of the festival to life. Open air stretch tents are highly versatile and more attractive than a standard marquee, dome tents are spacious in size and visually stunning and tipi tents provide the perfect solution for a welcome desk or event stand.

Maximising space

Often festival sites have limited space and Tent Hire companies can provide structures that seamlessly fit into the layout whilst maximising capacity. This ensures that every square inch of the festival grounds is utilised effectively, optimising attendee experience.

Variety of structures

Tent hire companies offer a wide range of structures suitable for different purposes including tipis, geodomes, stretch tents and more providing festival organisers with flexible solutions to meet their operational needs. With reliable infrastructure in place, festival logistics run smoothly, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.

At Event in a Tent, we provide tent hire for festivals throughout the UK and EU and have had the pleasure of providing stretch tents, dome tents and tipis for some of the best festivals including Glastonbury, Download, Wilderness and more.

In essence, by partnering with a tent hire company, festival organisers can enhance the atmosphere, comfort and efficiency of their events, creating memorable experiences that keep people coming back year after year

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