Unforgettable weddings and events – whatever the season! 

Outdoor weddings and events are a timeless, seasonless affair.  

Marquee events have been popular for many years and over time, people have gone for more and more adventurous structures to create their venue in the great outdoors!   

Summer weddings, parties and festivals are a firm favourite for most people due to warm summer evenings and longer days, however, we have seen a shift across the board, which begs the question: why not spring, autumn and winter?!   

Couples and party planners are broadening their horizons and looking at hosting their event at alternatives times of year so we thought we’d go through the alternative seasons from our perspective as a tipi, stretch tent and dome venue supplier, so you can see that actually – there are indeed silver linings. 


  • A feast for your senses! – every colour we see in nature is brighter! Picture yourself at your tipi wedding in the countryside! Every shade of green is greener, which in turn makes every flower pop! The smell of fresh, dewy grass and primroses! 

  • Flexibility with colour palettes – the brightness of the season lends itself to any avenue. Muted pastels, bright block colours – it doesn’t matter what you choose. Spring backdrops will enhance your vision.  

  • Dining options – the limbo between winter and summer, your dining options can go down various avenues. Opt for a pre-summer barbeque, an afternoon tea, a spring-themed charcuterie or go the other way and have a warming seasonal dish such as salmon with roasted asparagus! 

  • Suppliers galore – venues, suppliers of tipis and marquees, photographers, caterers and hairdressers are all in high demand during summer. During spring, you are more likely to be successful in booking your dream suppliers for your wedding or event date.  


  • More affordable – autumn weddings are becoming increasingly popular without the hefty price tag of a summer wedding.  

  • Autumnal colour scheme – if you’re someone that loves warm colours, and your house is filled with a neutral palette, rattan, macrame and dried flowers, an autumn wedding is certainly for you!

  • Decorative inspiration – you can dress the inside and outside of your tipi/tent venue in so many amazing ways! Think fire bowls outside toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate with haybales and pumpkins all around. Inside, think warm fairy lights, autumn leaf foliage, candles and chesterfields. 

  • Photography – the photo opportunities are insane! The autumnal colours all around you make for incredibly inspiring shots of both your venue and yourselves. Autumn is voted the photographer’s favourite season! 

  • Catering – autumn presents you with some gorgeous catering options to keep your guests happy and fulfilled. Think spiced pumpkin soups, hearty roast beef, or even wood-fired pizzas! 


I know what you’re thinking – ‘an outdoor wedding in WINTER! Surely not?’ Trust me on this as there are many beauties to be found. 

  • Less competition – there is much less competition for venues and suppliers during winter months compared to summer months. 

  • Keep cosy and warm – the humidity of warmer months is not for everyone. Dressing up warm in fur coats (faux) and relaxing next to a Nordic firepit inside a tipi sounds like a lush alternative. And if you’re worried it’ll be too cold, don’t! Tipis and domes can be completely closed off while letting the light in with clear walls complete with wooden double doors for a grand entrance! 

  • Planning is made easy – a winter event is much easier to plan around family and friend schedules, and more importantly, everyone is up for a good shindig around the Christmas period. Having an outdoor wedding creates lots of opportunities to keep costs down, such as providing big pots of hot mulled wine, which in turn helps to keep your guests costs down and fits in beautifully with an informal event.  

  • It’s something different! – it’s something for you and your loved ones to look forward to, plan during the lighter days, and will certainly be a day everyone will remember for all the right reasons.  

  • Fabulous photo opportunities – if you’re blessed with snow, then just think of the photo opportunities! Photographers can let their imagination go wild, capturing unique moments. 


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