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Chill Out Areas

Chill Out Areas

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Chill Out Areas

What choices in chill out furniture do you have?

Chill out areas are defined areas of a venue that are designed for revellers/guests to be able to go and get out of the main hubbub of the party or event. A chill out area may not be soft furnishings it may be that it’s a quiet area where people can talk and there is a bar in there; it may be opulent sofas and foot stools for people to literally chill out. What ever the area type it needs to be a clearly defined place.

How can you clearly define the area? A different style of seating, or cordoning off a separate section are 2 options.. We have some luxurious chesterfield sofas and chairs that go beautifully with the smaller cirrus tent. When placed round the fire pit it makes a wonderfully relaxed area that anyone who wanders in can just take the weight off their feet and have a chat with someone before getting back on the dance floor.

The area doesn’t have to be indoors either. In the peak of the summer we can put up a nimbus tent with deck chairs or even rattan sets that give you time in the shade to relax and take in the views.

During weddings there is a transition period between finishing the food and resetting for the evening, this is where a chill out area for some guests is ideal as its out of the way so the transition can happen. Have a look through some images of what we can provide for your event.

What about some Hammocks? we have some hammock pods that can have 3 people per pod, people can chill in the sun or under a nimbus taking in the view and chatting to the other people.