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26th 27th 28th October | 11-4 | CH5 3FB 10 reasons to come to our open day!

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10 Reasons to come to our open day! See the tents in action! Each of our tents has a it’s own unique feel, the stretch tents are flowing and give an amazing open feel to an event, while the tipis are quirky and rustic to give any event a boho feel! And then we have…

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Confetti Wedding

Shropshire Petals

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Shropshire Petals Confetti Why you should be choosing natural petal confetti for your confetti moment The confetti moment is one tradition that most brides still want on their wedding day, but with venues placing more restrictions on the use of confetti, what can you use?  The answer is simple, natural petal confetti.  Most venues, churches…

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